Entering a workout log

I am so confused what is any of this?

The best way to get started with entering a workout is click Track at the top of the page then click Formatting help which gives you a basic format to use to get started

Do I always have to enter a unit? i.e. 50 kg or 15 minutes

Short answer, no.

When entering a weighted exercise if you don't enter a unit it will default to your default weight unit which can be set on your settings page.

If entering a timed exercise, as long as you have entered the exercise in the past and the exercise is set as a timed exercise (set via Exercise List -> Exercise -> Edit Exercise -> Change exercise type) then it will default to using minutes.

If entering a distance exercise, same as timed exercises as long as the exercise has been setup correctly already then it will default to using meters.

If you haven't set up your time/distance exercises correctly the system will guess incorrectly that you are entering weights.

How can I post a timed exercise

You can enter it in any of the formats

15:35 normal time format
4 mins or you can use a unit of time either min, minute, sec, second, hour or hr
3 hours

How can I post a distance?

You just have to add the unit your measuring the distance in

15 miles

4 meters

3 km

Can I put multiple sets with different reps on the same line

sure its easy:

50 kg, 80 kg, 120 kg x 5, 3, 1 different weights and different reps
80 kg x 5, 3, 1 using the same weight

How han I input my RPE?

just add if after the reps/sets with a @ before it

270 kg x 5 @9.5
250 kg x 5 x 3 @7


How can I rename an exercise?

Click Exercise List and find the exercise you want to edit and click on it. On this page click edit exercise

If I rename an exercise will it update all my logs?



What does INoL mean?

INoL stands for Intensity and number of lifts. It gives a method of tracking intensity of either an entire workout, or for a single exercise where different set and rep ranges have been used. Using the equation reps/(100-intensity) a number is calculated for each set and added together, this final value will be the INoL. The INoL to aim for for a single exercise in a single workout are 0.4-2. For more information this paper goes into more detail.

My sinclair/wilks graphs aren't showing anything?

First make sure you have set which exercises to use in your settings page.

Secondly make sure you have actually entered some logs using those exercises. We can't know how strong you are if you don't tell us.

Tagging users or logs

You can tag other users in logs or comments like this.


You can create a link to a log by adding a usertag and adding the date of the log to it.


Is there a list of upcoming features?

Sure checkout our todo page