Parser 2.0 - Time

So I have finally finished the complete rewrite of the log text parser. It was a long and tedious process but it now complete. Saying that, its not actually available for you lot to use as of yet. Before I finalise it and release it to the public I want to do some heavy testing plus I also need to re-write the front end to deal with the changes so it may be a week or two before you get to use the new shiny system.

But I want to give a little heads up on the improvements to come.

We can now track times

12:45:00 @5

means you ran for 12 hours, 45 minutes at a pretty easy pace

13 mins x3 x2
90 seconds x9

is a thing

And finally you can also now put multiple things in a single line

44 kg, 55 kg x 5 ,7 x 5 ,5

means you did 44kg for 5 for 5 sets then did 55kg for 7 for 5 sets If you did the same reps or sets for different weights you can make it easier by just typing

10kg,20kg,30kg,40kg,50kg x 5

and it will do the boring work for you

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