Update post #9 (December 2017)

Posted at: 06 Dec, 2017 - 03:55:36

It has been a long time since my last update post (8 months in fact!). So I felt that it was about time I give an update on what has been going on, and don't worry the project has definatly not been forgotten. The number of users is slowly creeping up so I have been receiving some very useful bug reports and sugestions from you all which is awesome. So the site as a whole is more now stable and more user-friendly than ever. As for the features under the 'Beta' tag import and export are stable as far as I'm aware, and will be moved soon to reflect that. The workout templates which really is the final big feature I wanted to get finished is around 80-90% complete. There only a handful of things that need doing for the templates, then I will be happy to release the template tools for everyone to use.

  • [Fixed] Bug where trying to view logs as a guest would throw an error

  • [Fixed] A number of issues with the importer, it now matches the columns automatically much better, and no longer fails

  • [Fixed] A number of issues with the exporter

  • [Fixed] Notification counter is updated correctly when they are deleted

  • [Fixed] Log search now searches for different units correctly instead of always defaulting to kg

  • [Fixed] Generated templates calculate 1RM based values correctly

  • [Fixed] Edit exercise name

  • [Fixed] A number of issues caused by exercises with non-alphanumeric characters

  • [Changed] Hidden logs posted in the future from the dashboard

  • [Changed] Date ranges can be used to show more specific reports

  • [Changed] On completion of import users receive email notification

  • [Added] A support us page

  • [Added] Can now delete single notifications (if you don't want to delete them all)

  • [Added] Save and print buttons to generated templates

  • [Added] Exercise groups. These can be added via either the exercise groups page, the individual edit exercise page or through the tracker by adding it after the exercise name (i.e. #squat #group1)

  • [Added] Reports can be limited to show exercise groups

  • [Added] Templates can be set as active which allows users to quickly generate their next workout log