Update post #8 (April 2017)

Posted at: 06 Apr, 2017 - 09:21:28

This was another period of mostly behind the scenes work and I have been putting more effort into trying to increase the user count which happily is still slowly going up. I have also added a user feedback button in the bottom right and I love hearing from you guys, if you have any problems or ideas let me know.

  • [Fixed] Bugs with moving average in volume graph

  • [Fixed] Exercise history graph tooltip works correctly again

  • [Fixed] Tracking on mobile has been improved although still not perfect, this is a known bug with the js package we use still

  • [Fixed] PRs show correctly on the view exercise page again

  • [Fixed] Bodyweight exercises with no weight modifier are fixed

  • [Fixed] Fixed password reset

  • [Changed] Logs in the dashboard now show the date they where created as well as the log date

  • [Changed] Log exercises comments are no longer limited in length

  • [Added] Added dates to all graph tooltips

  • [Added] Total time, total distance and intensity have been added to the volume graph

  • [Added] Added view followed users page

  • [Added] Compare option on reports

  • [Added] Blog comments!