Update post #7 (January 2017)

Posted at: 07 Jan, 2017 - 02:02:08

It has been far too long since I last posted an update, part of that has been due the blogs being missing but it's mostly just due to me putting it off. Since last time I have done quite a lot although it might not seem like much. I have recently shifted my focus onto trying to improve the user experience as this is one area a lot of new users have complained about. It still has a fair way to go before I will be completely happy with it but it is getting better and the learning curve hopefully is a little less steep now.

  • [Fixed] Bodyweight input when using lbs, now stored the value correctly

  • [Fixed] Guests no longer get error message when trying to view public logs

  • [Fixed] Total sets are counted correctly

  • [Fixed] (PRE max calculator)[] now no longer throws error when 6.5 is selected

  • [Fixed] Issue with multi-set lines 50 kg x 5,6,7 where using BW would throw an error

  • [Fixed] Deleting a log no longer breaks exercise record history

  • [Fixed] If no weight/distance/time entered into search it no longer breaks the form

  • [Fixed] Some spelling mistakes

  • [Fixed] Emails - can receive password reminders again

  • [Changed] Redesigned login/register pages so they now look beautiful

  • [Changed] Minor changes to dashboard so its hopefully less confusing as to what you are seeing

  • [Added] Explanation as to what PRE is to the (PRE max calculator)[] page

  • [Added] Compare all option added to (Rep max calculator)[]

  • [Added] A javascript intro to the tracking page for new users which explains how it works

  • [Added] Blogs no longer using an external script

  • [Added] Site wide SSL encrption

I have also moved the weightroom from a fairly crappy shared hosting account to its own VPS. This gives me a lot more freedom so the issues I was having before with making a decent import/export functions are no longer issues so my next task is to put more work into these.