Update post #6 (October 2016)

Posted at: 04 Oct, 2016 - 12:23:09

I have been quite busy over the last few months so haven't manged to do as much as I would of liked but here is what has been done.

  • [Fixed] A few bugs with the comments: can no longer post blank messages, poster name is now correct, reply button no longer shows for deleted comments

  • [Fixed] Show extra reps now works correctly (shows higher reps on PR graphs)

  • [Fixed] Report page correctly shows weights in kg or lb

  • [Fixed] Bodyweight graph displays correctly (Was not loading some values)

  • [Fixed] Comma values i.e. 70 kg x 5,4,4,3 will be group into sets where they can be

  • [Changed] New users now get a warning message if no exercises are detected in their logs

  • [Changed] Users will be given a warning message if they try to add an empty log

  • [Changed] The default time unit is now minutes instead of seconds

  • [Added] More content to the F.A.Q. with more information about logging

  • [Added] PRs are now tracked up to 100 rep max

  • [Added] PR history page now fills out blank cells with estimate values

  • [Added] A new landing page & opened registration

  • [Added] Users now have option to keep their profile private

  • [Added] Can now use which will take you straight to adding a log for today