Update post #5 (August 2016)

Posted at: 30 Jul, 2016 - 01:10:59

I have finally laid the foundations for all of the major features I wanted to see in weightroom when I started out. The importer is functional finally and the workout templates are working. Although at the moment the tools to add templates suck so bad they are limited to my eyes only, But hopefully soon enough they will be good enough to release so everyone can add templates :)

In terms of functionality of the templates they are fairly bear bones right now. If anyone has any suggestions for them it would be greatly appreciated.

  • [Fixed] Estimated 1rm now calculated correctly again, I''m not sure how long this was broken for but it broke the estimated 1rm graphs which should also be fixed

  • [Fixed] Clear notifications

  • [Fixed] Last character in log is no longer ignored

  • [Fixed] History graph now shows volume label correctly

  • [Change] Log search is now limited to show a maximum of 50 logs

  • [Change] Updated demo page with up-to-date screen shots

  • [Added] Can choose what unit to use in log search

  • [Added] Logs can now accept × and * characters as alternatives to x

  • [Added] Percent max table to exercise view

  • [Added] Wrote up a simple F.A.Q. page

  • [Added] Import workouts via csv This needs more testing if anyone has some big workout export files could you send them to me to test the system

  • [Added] Workout templates bare bones at the moment will become more bulked out over next few months