Update post #4 (June 2016)

Posted at: 05 Jun, 2016 - 12:03:23

It has been a fairly slow few months as I have had exams to deal with but no the less here is a list of changes since the last update post.

  • [Fixed] Goals page is now completely working, will full functionality

  • [Fixed] Goal completion check is working correctly now, and will notify you when you hit a goal

  • [Fixed] 1.5km x2 no longer flagged as invalid

  • [Fixed] Volume graph no longer throws an error if you haven''t posted a log yet

  • [Fixed] Edit goals from edit exercise page

  • [Fixed] Estimated 1RM graph on view exercise page

  • [Change] Some of the are now available to guests

  • [Change] Made some changes to the view/edit log pages to make them look a bit better

  • [Added] Reports page so you see changes of volume/intensity and number of workout over time

  • [Added] Users who follow noone will see a random list of users rather than a blank dashboard

  • [Added] INoL to view logs, see option to enable it under advanced settings

  • [Added] Option to remove warmup sets from volume calculation

  • [Added] Option to show extra reps, reps over 10, currently only works for compare exercise page

  • [Added] Dashboard now shows log text instead of just a list of when they were posted

  • [Added] Daily max graph to view exercise page

  • [Added] Max rep calculator

Have done more work to importer, bit stumped of how to make it both quick and secure I have found LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE to be very quick but this server doesn't allow it. So I will probably have to change server when I want the import/export to be available.