Update post #3 (April 2016)

Posted at: 08 Apr, 2016 - 06:52:23

So it has been a while since I made an update post so to keep people better updated of how the development is going I am going to make one of these update posts at least every two months.

Since last update:

  • [Fixed] Parser used to not like comments that started with a b, though it was a bodyweight exercise then deleted the rest

  • [Fixed] Rounding bugs so converting between pounds and kilos is more accurate

  • [Fixed] wilks, sinlciar and compare exercise graphs (Now show correct data)

  • [Fixed] Multiple pages now show time/distance exercises units correctly

  • [Fixed] the mile unit now works correctly in log parser

  • [Fixed] Monthly/Weekly Graphs now show data points correctly and scales have been fixed

  • [Fixed] Multiple minor bug fixes

  • [Change] Calendar data is loaded faster now, no longer a time lag between page loading and the calendar being filled

  • [Change] Rewrote large parts of the log parser so can now handle set type flags (can use w: warmup, s: for speed, d: distance, e: endurance and can be together like w|e meaning warming distance or w|e, w|s, etc) 50kg x 5 w meaning its a warmup

  • [Change] Improved log submission messages so they are more helpful

  • [Change] For time based exercises if the first entry is over 30 minutes it will assume its an endurance exercise for those under 30 minutes it will assume its done for speed (This can be changed under edit exercise)

  • [Added] RPE based RM max estimator

  • [Added] Distance options for parser

  • [Added] Accessory lifts to WL ratio calculator

  • [Added] Prilepins Table to each exercise

  • [Added] Estimate 1RM is now visible on weekly/monthly graphs

  • [Added] Exercise Goals, can be edit/added via edit exercise screen and will display a message when you hit them

  • [Added] PR History Table, so you can see a list of every PR you have every hit for each exercise

  • [Added] Log search can now search time/distances instead of just by weight

Still needs work: planning a goals page where you can see progress of every goal for every exercise\n\nStarted work on CSV workout importer/exporter mostly complete just needs more testing to make sure it wont break anything