Update post #10 (August 2018)

Posted at: 29 Aug, 2018 - 11:00:11

I have been quite busy with life recently so development has been on the slow side.

I have realised that more and more users use weightroom on mobile devices and I know it doesn't have the best mobile experience. So my main goal is to geteither a mobile app or a PWA so users have a better experience on their phone when entering logs at the gym or without an internet connection. The obstacle have been struggling with for months now is getting an API up and running but I'm struggling to get Passport to work properly. So if anyone has any experience creating API's or using passport and are willing to help out let me know via the contact page or via reddit @ /u/racken

Here's the changes since the last update post. A lot of the changes have been uninteresting backend stuff which haven't been included. The biggest update is that templates have finally been released so anyone can create their own to use for themselves or to share with others.

  • [Fixed] Minor text errors

  • [Fixed] Reports now use date range correctly

  • [Fixed] A number of bugs related to the Importer tool

  • [Changed] Templates page now only shows 5 of each type of template. These are the 5 templates with the highest "template score". This score just shows how much each template is getting used, it is currently very simple but will get expanded upon when the template library increases in size

  • [Changed] Blog home now shows an extract from the post instead of an unhelpful tag line

  • [Changed] In an attempt to make the site at least cost neutral Export logs and Private logs are now premium features which is set at $5 a month but that might change depending on feedback

  • [Added] All users now have the ability to create and save their own templates

  • [Added] At a request from a user the ability to delete all logs has been added to the settings page

  • [Added] Added auto-complete when entering groups in the log

#overhead squat #squats
  • [Added] The ability to tag users in workouts and in comments like @renlok