Beta 2

Posted at: 15 Jan, 2016 - 12:12:08

So after far more time than I thought I have managed to convert weightroom to use a framework so hopefully working on it in the future will be much easier (new stuff will come quicker!) so I guess I can say we are into Beta 2.

Along with this I have also made to following upgrades/additions:

  • Parser 2 is now the default
  • Work on making the site look less crappy (I am defiantly not a designer but its slowly getting less fugly)
  • Bodyweight exercises finally work correctly
  • Added weightlifting ratios calculator
  • Added notifications
  • Added option to view total volume graph as a moving average (as it can become very messy)
  • Added option to set a log item to be a warm up just add w after it
20kg x 5 x 2 w
160kg x 1

The first line is now a warmup, the second is a work set